Thursday, March 23, 2017

Big Mech 3

So, here's Big Mech 3.  Big Mech 2 is here.

This update is the beginning of what I call Wave 1 of detailing.  The shapes are now established, for the most part, and I begin adding and subtracting detail in waves, eventually chopping and channeling, fusing and welding until I'm satisfied.

Since this is a spec piece, with no client specifically in mind, I have a little bit of latitude in how it goes.

So, on to the eye candy...

 New leg is on the right, as you see it.  Initial/Bulkout leg on the left.

 Lots of grilling added to the calves and hamstring areas.

 I like the 8-plate thigh protectors.  Here are both new legs, side by side.

 The proportions were getting a bit wonky, so I shrank the guns, and enlarged the legs.  Looks a little bit leaner and meaner than the first set of pics.  Besides, it was starting to suffer from "Overgun."  Too much rotary cannon to lug around.  So, they're a bit smaller, now.

Screenshot from my actual working model (the grey pics are renders).  I work in Rhino3D, and prefer to be in a visual mode called 'Ghosted.'  It lets me see through the piece, picking up flaws that might otherwise be masked by an opaque skin.

More to come.


Sunday, March 19, 2017

Frank Frazetta Kickstarter From New Clients Killbox Games

I have taken on a new client, Killbox Games, working with my fellow CAV alumnus James Van Schaik.

Killbox is starting big out of the gate with an officially licensed line of pewter and resin miniatures that are based on the works of the legendary Frank Frazetta.

They are Kickstarting it.  Here's the link.

James has been sculpting, turning beautiful paintings into beautiful miniatures.

 The Vampire Queen.

 The Death Dealer!

 And The Werewolf Versus The Count.

Gorgeous stuff.

I helped with the base, because beautiful miniatures deserve beautiful bases.  ;)

Kickstarter link is here.  Pledge away!


Thursday, March 16, 2017

Big Mech 2


The parts are all where I want them.  I've started hollowing the cockpit, too, and making arrangements for a hinged canopy.

Now, to start carving, and make some non-gatling weapons.

 She's looking good.

...this is what she'd look like at 1/56 scale.  Useable in 28/30/32mm gaming, if we would ever assign a fractional scale to the ever-shifting target.  ;)


Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Big Mech 1

I usually keep an extra session of Rhino3D, the program I do my digital sculpts in, when I'm doing paying work for clients.

It's like keeping an extra sketch pad out, or what manual sculptors do with their extra putty while something else cures under the heat lamp.

So, here's one of three Destroid-sized mechs I'm working on.  I'm reworking the Black Max, from days of yore, as well as a third, cyclops-type mech.  More on those as they materialize.

Warhammer/Tomahawk/Excalibur is just there for size ref, just like the 12 oz digital soda can.


Saturday, March 11, 2017

Critical Mass Games Closing Shop

This is particularly bad news, even though I knew it was coming.

Critical Mass Games has announced that they are leaving the business, and are accepting offers for their inventory and intellectual property.  Per their website news page...


Well it is with some sadness that we are announcing Critical Mass Games will cease trading on April 2nd 2017. Both Dale and I who own and run Critical Mass Games have reached a point where our personal commitments are no longer compatible with running this enterprise with the passion and time it needs.
The 15mm Sci-fi community has show great support and loyalty since CMG came into being 10 years ago, and we are eternally grateful for the support you have shown.
In the coming weeks/months we hope to find a new home for the CMG product ranges so they can still be enjoyed.
Anyone wanting to enquire should contact
In the interim the 15% sale on the site shall continue until the CMG store is decommissioned on April 2nd 2017.
As part of this, and to manage down our stock levels, infantry platoon packs and vehicle platoon packs will be removed from the web store on Sunday 19th March 2017.
Craig @ CMG


So, it's grim tidings.  Get what you can, while you can, for a discount.

The final curtain falls on April 2, 2017.

Craig and Dale are good people, and I wish them well.
We had 10 good years, gents.
My next beer is hoisted in your honour.

John Bear Ross

Animechs Are Now Live In The Rebel Minis Store

Great news.  The Kickstarter pledges have been fulfilled, and the Animechs are now available to the general public in the main Rebel Minis webstore.

 Here's the link.

Here's the WolfMech

The ScorpionMech

And The SpiderMech.

Also, a weapons and turrets pack that's also compatible with all current (and future) RUMV accessories.

Awesome news.


PS for instructions on how to put these beauties together, here's the...
WolfMech Assembly Guide

...and the ScorpionMech Assembly Guide, which also applies to the SpiderMech for putting all those legs on.

Here's some photos, courtesy of Mr. Picurro, of a ScorpionMech being assembled using the squashed-clay method linked above.

Damn, that's viciously beautiful.

Nice job, Harley.

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Assembly Guide For Rebel Minis Animech Wolf

Yesterday, I showed you my technique for assembling the SpiderMech and ScorpionMech from the recent Rebel Minis Animech Kickstarter.

Tonight's fare is a bit easier.  Four legs, not eight.

The WolfMech is rather straight-forward.  Let's get started.

 This was the final printer layout.  The two turret accessories may or may not be in your bag (I haven't seen it in the flesh, yet), but the basic parts list is as follows...
Main Hull, Head, Two Front Legs, Two Rear Legs, and Tail.

The Head attaches to a rounded stud via a socket at the base of the skull.

Likewise, the tail's rounded hollow portion attaches to round stud at the rear of the hips.

Starboard side legs go on via ball and socket.

I designed the larger legs to be mounted up front.  Your choice may vary.

Port side legs attach.

We're done with the basic unit.  He's a handsome doggie.

Weapons hardpoints.  There's one 1/8" socket on the chest.

The top hatch can accommodate any of the RUMV compatible turrets Rebel Minis offers.
Those gun and missile turret stretch goals fit there, as well.

Each of the legs also has a 1/8" female socket for mounting weapons.

The Animechs are now on sale via the Rebel Minis website, so grab a few and head back here to figure out how to piece them together.

Make sure you send me pics.